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Want to know what others are saying about W&A?


Past Patients

“Over my time in my job I have had several injuries and Sheryl has come to my rescue. She knows how to get things done and the proper questions to ask the doctor to get you the best care possible. I consider her a great asset! She can help anyone, and no one will be disappointed with her services!”

“During my time as a special education teacher, I have been injured many times. I found myself concerned for my health and career. Co-workers and my doctors treated me like I did something wrong. Fortunately, I was assigned by my employer to Sheryl! Sheryl helped me get the care I needed. She listened to me, motivated me, and always made me feel like I mattered. Sheryl goes above and beyond. Sheryl made sure I always had the best doctors. Sheryl would be my voice when I felt I wasn’t being heard. She often, calls, texts, and emails me to check in. I can’t speak highly enough about Sheryl. I recommend her to anyone going through any work-related injury or who wants the best care for their employees.”

Claims Examiner

“Sheryl has extensive and proven experience working with physicians in the worker’s compensation arena. She coordinates the proper care to the needs of injured workers whether in the physician’s office, hospital, or home. She is excellent at coordinating care with physicians to facilitate their best recovery and return to their careers. Sheryl is always able to aide on even the most complicated of cases and find the best suited provider when needed.”

Risk Management Administrator

“I have worked with Sheryl for over 15 years addressing medical matters related to worker’s compensation claims. I have observed her performance of her duties and responsibilities; in every interaction, Sheryl has demonstrated exemplary professionalism, as well as a wealth of knowledge about medical treatment and case management. Sheryl communicates difficult and technical information to our employees clearly and respectfully. She maintains positive relationships with our clinics and physicians while facilitating connections when needed. Sheryl is an integral part of our worker’s compensation team and our go-to for complex cases. I have no reservation recommending Sheryl Woehrmann.”

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